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Superbowl Ad Saved My Life

Sometimes God speaks to us through friends, sermons and, of course, his Word, and other times he uses something totally unexpected… like Super Bowl ads.


Baseballs That Go "Beep"

The Long Island Bombers are a group of baseball lovers from the Long Island and tri-state area, but their game is a little different compared to the game we all know and love.


AJ McCarron's Special Bond

Tom Rinaldi takes a look at Alabama's National Title-winning quarterback AJ McCarron, and his special bond with Starla Chapman, a young Crimson Tide fan suffering from leukemia.


Louis Zamperini

Louis Zamperini is the definition of an all-American hero. A 1936 Summer Olympics competitor, a WWII prisoner of war and an inspirational man of God. Hear his remarkable story.


Utterly Amazed

He knew God was doing something special when he made the team, but he didn’t know exactly what it was until much later. The way this God story is woven in time is such a beautiful reminder to share the Gospel and trust God with the results.


Johnny Agar

This athletic dad feared he’d never bond with his disabled son, but God gave them a shared love that’s bigger than any obstacle.

Born with cerebral palsy, Johnny Agar was denied the physical gifts that made his father, Jeff, a Detroit Tigers prospect in the 1980s. And then last summer, without notice, as a race unfolded, 19-year-old Johnny rose to his toughest challenge.


Man with Down Syndrome Sings National Anthem

This is a really cool story about 38 year old Michael Mullins (who happens to have been born with Down syndrome) a die hard Boston Red Sox fan, who’s dream of singing the national anthem at Fenway Park finally came true!


Homerun Turns Tragic

Senior Western Oregon outfield Sara Tucholsky never thought she’d hit a homerun that day, so when the ball soared over the back fence, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She made a break for first base and....then it happened.


Kevin Durant's Mom

Kevin Durant cried during his MVP acceptance speech. When you hear why, you will too.

So, we’re pretty pumped that Kevin Durant won the NBA’s coveted MVP award. This beautiful and humble speech pretty much says it all