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Vid Angel

You can now stream movies...with unique and flexible filters that take out the "Bosoms, Blood and Bad Words."

VidAngel's approach to filtering is legal and explicitly protected by the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005. This law protects your right to remove "limited portions of audio or video content of a motion picture, during a performance in or transmitted to that household for private home viewing, from an authorized copy of the motion picture.

Imagine being hit with 3192 paintballs in 5.3 seconds. That is what this family endured just to prove a point about swearing in modern movies.

Sign-up is FREE, you only pay for the movie rentals.

CLICK HERE for more info!


Project Greenlight

Attention filmmakers: Project Greenlight is back! We're hosting a digital contest to find the next great filmmaker, so be sure to come back and register to submit your 3-minute short video -- or learn how to be a peer judge -- when submissions open on July 24th. Get a head start on submission guidelines here.



One Generation Away

One Generation Away is a fast-paced film that travels the United States (and Europe) in search of a deeper understanding of the religious freedom clauses in the Constitution's First Amendment. From Hobby Lobby to the Mt. Soledad Cross in San Diego to wedding service providers in the Northwest, One Generation Away asks hard questions about the status of religious liberty in America today. The film includes leading voices on both sides of the issue. One Generation Away discovers that our "first freedom" - religious liberty - is one that demands attention at this critical point in American history.

Eric Metaxas, Jennifer Marshall, Mike Huckabee, Ryan Anderson, Rick Santorum, Alveda King, Steve Berger, Jim Garlow, Raul Ries, Russell Moore, Mikey Weinstein, Barry Lynn, Eric Teetsel, Steve Green, David Green, Todd Starnes, Jack Graham.


Movie Website


Koh Yao Noi

FULL BLOG POST with everything you need to know here!!


Beyond the Mask - Sound Mixing

"Nathan Ashton, and Aaron and Chad Burns hard at work on the theatrical re-mix of Beyond the Mask Movie at Juniper Post, Inc.. I should actually say that the masters at Juniper are hard at work. The rest are just kicking back and enjoying the process, I imagine. A number of those mixing console faders are dedicated to the film score." -Jurgen Beck


Beyond the Mask - Finished!!

After three years of work, the Beyond the Mask team is excited to announce that the movie is finished. “We are so grateful for the Lord’s blessing on this journey,” says Aaron. “He has been faithful to give us the grace to accomplish what He called us to do. And we couldn’t be more excited about the film we have to release to you.”

The final artistic touches such as the color grade and audio mix were completed in cinema studios out in California, with Aaron and Chad on site. But you will get a chance to glance over their shoulders at their work in several upcoming blog posts. I will be doing interviews with a few more of the artists who have brought the project to such a strong finish.

Please keep Aaron and Chad in your prayers as they continue traveling to meet with distributors.


Hoovey - Movie Trailer

Starring Patrick Warburton (Emperor’s New Groove, Men in Black II) and Lauren Holly (NCIS, Picket Fences) as Jeff and Ruth Elliott, Hoovey recounts the story of their son, Eric “Hoovey” Elliott, a promising athlete with a passion for basketball whose dreams were threatened by a near-fatal brain tumor. Battling back from surgery, Hoovey had to relearn how to walk, read, even see clearly. With medical bills pushing his family to the brink of ruin, only their faith and deep love for one another offered hope.

Movie Website


Alone Yet Not Alone - JUNE 13th

ALONE YET NOT ALONE is based on an inspiring true story taken from a novel of the same name written by Tracy Leininger Craven and depicts a family at a critical juncture in America's history.

Fleeing religious persecution in Germany, the Leininger family seeks a new start in uncharted country - America. It is the mid-1700s and British and French forces are struggling for control over the abundant resources of this new territory.

Despite the escalating tension mounting around them, the Leiningers give thanks and praise for the sparkling streams and majestic forests around Penns Creek and above all, their freedom to worship. Carving out a homestead can be arduous work, but the Leiningers labor joyfully. After all, what the land will not yield, the cherished family Bible would, providing the everlasting nourishment of God's promise.

Then the unthinkable: In a terrifying raid, Delaware warriors kidnap the two young Leininger daughters and attempt to indoctrinate them into native culture. Through their ordeal they never lose hope and "their faith becomes their freedom".

REVIEWS: AFA Journal - All Mom Does - Dove Review - PluggedIn


Click Here to buy tickets!


Kendrick Brothers - Movie 5

The Kendrick brothers are now shifting into the production of Movie 5. Over the last five months we set up a production office, conducted online and live casting sessions, locked in our crew, and scouted the needed locations for the story. Every location is visually rich and completely fresh to us. God has provided an amazing cast of strong believers. Some are new faces to us, others you will recognize from our previous films, and there are a few surprises that many will recognize from the Christian ministry world. The Lord has also provided an excellent crew of Christian filmmakers and film-school interns. Many of them have been praying for God to open the door for them to work on a movie project that honors Him. Our production office is humming along. Lots of buzz. Tons of progress every day. We are very grateful that multiple pastors and churches are working together and surrounding this effort in prayer.

Filming will begin next week. We are asking for your prayer support as we enter into this crucial time. The production schedule is set for June and July this summer. Release of the movie title will come soon, but in the meantime, please pray! We need God’s continued blessing, favor, protection, and guidance to cover this entire process - down to the smallest detail. We know the enemy is at work to confuse, confound and attack, but God is clearly blessing and reigning over these efforts!

If you want to sign up as a Prayer Warrior for Movie 5, you will receive periodic updates concerning specific ways to pray as production progresses.

Here's a start...

  • Pray for God to be glorified throughout this entire process.
  • Pray that God anoints and uses this script to ignite believers and draw people to Christ.
  • Pray that Alex, Stephen, Shannon and their families will be surrounded by God’s strong hand of protection, provision, and peace throughout production and post-production.
  • Pray that the cast and crew will be protected from harm, fear, danger, sickness, and other attacks of the enemy.
  • Pray that God will do exceedingly above all we could ask or imagine for His glory through the finished product.

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayer support! More to come...
- - - - - -
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Look Up


Look Up is a spoken word for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, it is an extremely important life lesson for our youth.  Children are growing up in a world where they don’t play outside or communicate with their friends. It seems today everything is done via text message or over the internet. It’s heartbreaking… I feel guilty myself. We need to spread this message before it’s too late.

Look Up is a spoken word for the “online” generation. Written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, it is an extremely important life lesson for our youth.  Children are growing up in a world where they don’t play outside or communicate with their friends. It seems today everything is done via text message or over the internet. It’s heartbreaking… I feel guilty myself. We need to spread this message before it’s too late.