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Twas The Week Before Christmas - BTS 1

I’ve always wanted to make a video that would encourage focusing on Christ during Christmas, however I don't remember how I decided to do a revision of “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.” One other reason I had was to see how well I could do with limited resources.

I wanted to try to shoot a complete short film using only one 500 watt light in addition to ordinary house lights or the ambient outdoor lighting. I pulled it off for the most part, there are several shots that I had to use more than one light though, such as the night shoot and the store scene.

If you watch the BTS video you will see that I use a 500 construction light for a “nightlight” in the bedroom, a fireplace in the living room and sunlight while drawing the picture. Reflectors were also used quite a bit.

The boy’s bedroom was actually shot in my sister’s room, we just re-arranged and added props to change the look.

A christian business was kind enough to allow us to shoot in their bookstore for the “store scene.”

That one was quite a challenge to light correctly. My poor actor got tired of standing up for almost two hours (9-11 pm) They also let us shoot in the parking lot to show Mom and Benj walking into "the store."

Riding the bicycle was shot on a street near our house and the wind chime was shot at my Grandparents.

Sixty percent of the project was shot in 2006 and then finished up in 2007 about a year later, which caused a few problems.

1) Benjamin no longer had his blue sweat suit that I needed for the night shots
2) Benjamin no longer had a buzzed hair cut (solved by wearing a hat and filming from the back)
3) His jacket no longer zipped up
4) The stocking cap from “sweeping snow” had been lost
5) He was missing front teeth back in ’06.

This all created interesting challenges, I would encourage you to keep close tabs on props and wardrobe from shoot to shoot :p

One thing I learned was that a window screen can REALLY come in handy. You will notice it in several of the BTS shots. It works well to diffuse light and also will create a star shape effect when placed in front of the camera while shooting the Christmas tree. It also served as a softening “filter” for many of the Christmas tree shots, it created an interesting glow effect. It was difficult however to get the screen blurry enough so that the “grain” of the screen didn’t show up in the video. Besides lots of color correction, the only thing I added was the moon and stars reflecting in the window when he looks at the wind chime.

This was a nice project for audio because I cut it all out and just used narration. I did add in some sound fx to enhance the video, as it just seemed that some of the scenes needed it. I found some of the sound fx from a website called The Free Sound Project.

Narration was recorded from 12-3 in the morning, poor guy…he was pretty tired when it was all said and done. I thought he did a fabulous job though. I wish I had a picture of the “sound studio” we setup to get a quiet recording! At the time, my computer was right next to our bunk bed and Benjamin sleeps on the bottom bunk, so I strung up his blankets and comforter to create a “box” on his bed for him to sit in. For a pop filter I held the microphone on one side of a thin sheet and had him talk from the other side – I know, quite the make-do setup but hey it worked alright.

I covered this in an earlier blogpost, but thanks again to the Morris guys for the insane hours cranking out an amazing score for this short movie!!!

Also, special thanks to my family for all their support and assistance!!


WATCH - Twas the Week Before Christmas
- Behind-The-Scenes


Promo Video - Missions in Haiti

This is a short promo I filmed in Haiti for the Mission Ministries Team of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

Filmed with the Canon C100
- Canon 70-200 L f/2.8 IS
- Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS
I also used a Kessler Philip Bloom Slider as well.
Edited and color corrected in Adobe Premiere.


Missions Ministries Team - Videos

In March I was priveleged to be a part of a project for the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, helping promote the ways they connect people with ministry opportunities via the Missions Ministries Team.

During the week I was the Director-of-Photography while filming the interviews, and also helped with some of the b-roll. Bollinger Productions was heading up the overall filming of the MMT video project and also provided the post-production side of things.

For those interested in gear, we filmed with two AF-100s, Canon lenses, a Glidetrack, and Lowel lights.

We filmed several different stories that were edited into individual videos, and then parts from each were also edited into an overal broad perspective of opportunites that the MMT helps with.

I've included a few behind-the-scenes pictures of the lighting setups just for fun :)



Blytheville, AR - Pregnancy Care Center



Final Video

Blytheville Pregnancy Care Center - Missions Ministries Team from ABSC Missions Ministries Team on Vimeo.


FBC Stuttgart, AR - International Missions

Final Video


Argenta, AR - Church Planting

Final Video


Lamplighter Guild 2012 - VIDEO

2012 is the second year that the Lamplighter Guild has been held at the Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York. Mark Hamby, founder of the Lamplighter Guild, asked me and Phillip Telfer to produce a video that captured the history and heart of the Guild with emotional and cinematic style.

In addition to teaching classes during the week about documentary filmmaking, Phillip and I filmed, edited, and presented this promo at the end of the 2012 Lamplighter Guild.

Learn more at:

Canon 60D
Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS
Vinten Tripod
Kessler Stealth Slider


ReelCast Update

Hope everyone is doing well out there :)

Sorry for the blog silence...I've been a bit busy with projects (Lamplighter Guild, Film Workshops, Movie Trailer). 

I was able to make it home for a few days and now headed out on another project till the middle of August.

I'm able to get a few updates out on Facebook once in a while, so be sure to keep checking there as well!

Till then, stand strong and carry on!


ReelCast Productions New Website


ReelCast Productions Re-Branding

Thanks to Siah Design, ReelCast now has a new logo!

Thanks to ReelCast...well...there's a new demo reel too!

Coming soon is the new website!


Journey Reunion Graphic Design

My family and I were recently involved in coordinating "Journey Reunion 2011" - more info here - as a result I was able to do the design work for the promotional elements as well as the conference materials!

Logo Design


Vertical Logo


Email Campaign Graphic


Email Campaign Graphic


Email Campaign Graphic


Postcard FRONT


Postcard BACK


Conference Brochure BACK

 Conference Brochure INSIDE




You can also view the website here:


Beware of the Choir

On May 22, I had the privilege of preaching my first sermon at our church! I know this has nothing to do with film news or techonology, but it does have everything to do with living a sold-out life for Jesus Christ!

I welcome you to listen to the message below or download it as an mp3 to listen to later. 

Beware of the Choir - 73min

Knowing about God and knowing God are two very different things! Too many of us think that "following rules" and "normal Christianity" are all that God expects of us. Oftentimes it takes trials and difficulties in our life to show us that there is something deeper that we have been missing. Unfortunately along the way we seem to have decided that a select group of believers has the Christian life all figured out and therefore don't need the teaching or conviction of God's Truth in their life. If you are looking for a cute little sermon about a cozy soft way to live for Jesus, then you're in for the unexpected!

To Download: Right-click HERE and choose, "Save Target As" - then pick the folder you want to save the file into - and click "save"


HWSA Video

Recently I was doing a project in Florida shooting Baseball for HWSA with Defining Moment.

Here is a short video I put together early on in the week.