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Motion University - Pre-launch

Build a career, not a hobby.

This is a new film training project that I'm very excited to be part of!

Motion University will give you access to an entire new ecosystem of online training. Learn from industry professionals through lectures, interactive Q&A, and weekly assignments. By the end of the program you will also create your own promo video and get an in-depth critique by seasoned filmmakers.

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Winning Awards - Part 2 (Promo)

At this year's Christian Worldview Film Festival, I was excited to see awards given to several films that I have had the pleasure to help with!

"WHO WE ARE" // cinematographer, editor, colorist
Movie Website


MWCFA - 2015 Promo

I had the pleasure of teaching at the 2015 Midwest Christian Filmmakers Academy!

This year we worked with the students to produce a practice promo (view here) and later in the week they  worked with us in the production of a promo video for a real client.

We are pleased to present the official project for 2015 "Memories."


MWCFA - Online Academy

This year, the Online Academy is focused on two things: business and storytelling. Business, because you have to know how to run a successful business in order to be able to make a living at filmmaking on your own. And storytelling because in everything you do – whether it’s screenwriting, cinematography, or lighting – you’re working to tell a story, and that story needs to told well.