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Winning Awards - Part 1 (Short Films)

At this year's Christian Worldview Film Festival, I was excited to see awards given to several films that I have had the pleasure to help with!

"WANTED" // editor, colorist
Movie Website

"ROSES" // on-set editor
Movie Website

"SET FREE" // editing consultant
Movie Website


Roses - Update

Editing and Pick-up Shoot

- - - short update from a project I was "on-set editor" for - - -

Our editors and director have been slaving away for hours and hours on the edit and it’s coming along quite nicely. We've already shown a rough draft to several people and have received very positive (and valuable) feedback.

A couple of Saturdays ago we recorded some pick-up shots, which are basically scenes that help the storyline flow better but that we didn't have time to film during the bulk of principal photography. We asked our friend Allison Kinningham to stand in as a body double for our lead actress and as you can see below she did a pretty good job.

Below are 2 frames from the movie that I was able to “liberate” from our editing team. ;) Click either photo for a larger image.


Scene with Rachel Hendrix shot in October
Scene with Rachel Hendrix shot in October
Scene with Allison Kinningham shot in January
Scene with Allison Kinningham shot in January